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Transition Cost Assistance


When your Screening Platform Provider and Screening Solution Provider work together,


What could possibly be better than having a trusted partner in your corner as you grow your screening business?

How about two trusted partners?

We have a deep and proven history of working hand-in-hand with our Preferred Software Partners™ to position you to win.  Whether it's solving a complex business problem that's integral to you closing your next deal or building something custom just for you, we all get on the phone, or get face to face, and make it happen.

You Win

The solutions you depend upon are already built in



You need best-in-class, industry leading solutions to grow your screening business.  They're already built in.

Our Innovative Preferred Software Partners™ provide seamless integrations to key solutions that are an integral part of your screening process, including FACT™, the National Criminal Information Scan®, I-MED™, ExpertCourt™ County Criminal, and more.

You'll have a head start right out of the gate.  Firms that power their screening processes using our industry leading solutions experience an average rate of growth that far outpaces industry norms.


Nothing standing in your way



Complete pricing transparency


No hidden fees, kickbacks, tolls, commissions or royalties charged  by your software vendor to your solution providers.


These fees artificially inflate the prices you're paying for things like your social traces, criminal databases and county searches. 


You'll always remain competitive, because you'll always know exactly what you're paying.

Did you know?

Hidden fees and royalties charged by your software vendor to your solution provider can add up to $1.00 or even more to your per transaction search costs for county searches, nat crims and other search types.

We'll even help cover the cost of making the switch

Our 100% wholesale business model is built around your success.  Simply put, we only grow when you do.

We want you to succeed.

Switch from a non-preferred platform to an Innovative Preferred Software Partner™ and enjoy a full year of reduced licensing fees and valuable product discounts.


Contact us for full details.

Transition Cost Assistance


We're committed to your success

Switching software platforms is a big decision.

Whether you're just getting started or if your screening business is well established, the choice you make will affect your operation, your profitability and your overall chances for success.

Don't get stuck in a platform that limits the vendors you can work with or charges hidden fees that limit your growth and make it harder for you to compete.

Choose an Innovative Preferred Software Partner™ and do business the way you want to.

Ready to Talk?

Let's discuss your unique business needs and find the Innovative Preferred Software Partner™ that's perfect for your growing screening business.

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